Lancaster Civic Society: the first 40 years



A Introduction and Glossary

B Beginnings:

Lancaster Amenity Society
Formation of the Lancaster Civic Society
Early years

C The Society and the Town Hall

Planning Applications
Local Plans

D Chronologically related events

Nightingale Hall Farm
The Castle
Roads and Pedestrianisation
St George’s Quay, Luneside East and West
The Music Room
The Lancaster Canal at Aldcliffe Road
Mitre Yard and Mitre House
Bath Mill Housing
British Rail
Sainsbury’s Store
Magistrates’ Court House
St John’s Church
Ashton Memorial
Central Area Redevelopment
The Bus Station
Local Plans
Cottams Farm
Marton Street Housing
Museums Crisis
Conservation Areas

E Structure and working of the Society

The Society’s Committees
Annual General Meetings
Territorial Boundaries
Winter Lecture Programmes
9 Castle Hill
National Heritage Weekends
Design Awards
Summer Visits
Walks – Ugly and Otherwise
Tree Surveys
Working With Youth

F Endpiece

G Appendices

1. Officers and Members of the Society’s Committees

2. Annual General Meetings

3. Winter Lectures

4. National Heritage Weekends

5 Design Awards

6 Walks

7 Publications

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