Society’s history by Malcolm Taylor



1967 – 2007

Over the last four years I have been attempting to write a book on the History of the Lancaster Civic Society (LCS) over its first 40 years. My reasons for writing it were that I thought that LCS deserved to have a record of some of the many activities it has involved itself in towards preserving the best of civic Lancaster, and prevention of the worst. Many of the current members will have little idea of how LCS was born, the personalities which shaped the LCS in its earlier days or their substantial contributions. If the writing of book were to be postponed much longer, human memory and all recollection of the first days would be lost.

The job was undertaken with the realistic expectation that there would be a limited readership, with the consequence that it would be difficult to find a publisher prepared to take the commercial risk. So it has turned out. No publisher has emerged who would be prepared to produce the quality I think such a book deserves at a price either I or LCS could afford. We believe that we should not undertake the risk of “self-publishing”. To allow potential readers a glimpse of the content, I have added to the website the Introduction, Contents, and Endpiece, which will, I hope give sufficient flavour for you to decide whether you might wish to purchase the whole of the content.

It is not possible at this stage to judge likely demand for the book, and response to this entry will provide an indication of what form the book should take. Unless demand is considerable, text will appear on A4, word processed. It should, however, be possible to send it out decently bound within designed covers.

There are photographs and illustrations, mostly in colour, which, if the book had been produced conventionally, would have taken their places within the text. Until I can gauge demand, I cannot say how, or even whether, the photographs will find their way into the book.

The actual price will depend on the above factors, but I am guessing a figure of between £5 and £10 per copy.

The LCS executive committee have seen the text and some members have commented on and have been kind enough to encourage me to make the book available. But it should be stressed that it is my own work and has not been formally endorsed by LCS.

Malcolm Taylor: author

Lancaster Civic Society is currently looking at the possibility of publishing Malcolm’s book as an e-book.

If you are interested in reading his history please contact for further information:

David Morgan – Hon. Treasurer and Membership Secretary 





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