Pythagoras De Nictheroy gravestone

Does anyone have any information about Pythagoras De Nictheroy, whose gravestone, with its fascinating inscription, is in the “Top” cemetery? Bob Letsche, a descendant, would welcome hearing from you. Bob is also seeking information about two other ancestors, Richard and Ann Breaks whose gravestone is adjacent. Bob’s email is

One response to “Pythagoras De Nictheroy gravestone

  1. Roger Frankland

    So pleased you are a descendant of Pythagoras. As I understand it Ellen Breaks was born in Melling and the family moved to 14 Damside Street ( roughly opposite the entrance to the Bus station). Where did Ellen and Pythagoras meet? At the Three Mariners on St George’s Quay when his ship docked at Lancaster? Or did Ellen move to Liverpool to work in domestic service or shop work and met Pythagoras in a dance Hall in Liverpool? Pythagoras was born in the Rio Grande in 1830. Ellen in 1841.
    In 1871 their Daughter Annette De’Nichtory and in 1872 Albert De’Nichtory was born also in Liverpool. Pythagoras sailed from Liverpool in 1873 ( Lloyds of London Captains Register does not say where to). Pythagoras dies in Benin in 1879. Ellen Breaks is – recorded in the 1881 census but the gravestone says she died in 1875 when her children were aged 4 & 3. Perhaps they were brought up by their aunts Clara & Dora?
    Annie Francellina De’Nichtory died 29.12 . 1909 ( aged 39) and is buried along with her brother Albert Breaks De’Nichtory who died 11.5.1924 ( aged 52 ) at his home in Hampstead London where he was a School master. They are both buried near the Coulston Obilisk ( plot S row 8 grave 1).
    Do please tell me how you are related and any other information you may have and correct any misinformation I may have.
    Thank you ,
    Roger Frankland

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