Cemetery Tours

The Society has been organising tours of Lancaster’s Top Cemetery at Quernmoor Road since the Heritage Days in 1996. The Tours are usually held on the THIRD SUNDAY in the Summer months April to September and are open to all.  There is no charge.


Dates for 2019 tours:  21st April, 19th May, 16th June, 21st July, 18th August and 15th September.  Tours start at 2pm at the Cemetery gates off Quernmore Road (n.b. the road layout for the entrance has recently changed).


16 responses to “Cemetery Tours

  1. Barry Lamb

    I was interested in the Lancaster Cemetery Tour. I was hoping to attend the 21st May 2017 ; are they still running on the 3rd Sunday of the month ?

  2. I am a member of the Lancaster & District FH Group and we have recorded all the Monumental Inscriptions in the Far Moor Cemetery and published a CD, which also contains MIs in Scotforth Cemetery, Skerton Cemetery and the Parish Church. The CD contains a name index and map of all the grave positions in the Cemetery and is available, price £10 plus postage, from the address below:
    Brockside Farm
    Badger’s Wood
    PR3 0GQ

  3. Eileen Foy

    I have just checked the CWG website, and there is no William Fox from WW1 buried at Lancaster Cemetery. So, the headstone must have had the wrong surname put on it unfortunately.

  4. Eileen Foy

    Dear Mr Frankland, thank you so much for your help. My father (long dead) told me that the family had lived in Bridge Lane, Lancaster. I have looked on lancasterwarmemorials.co.uk and it says first that William Foy died in camp, but then that he died at home, which is confusing. I believe he perhaps became too old for active service overseas, being 52 when he died, as it says, “he served for 3 years at home at home”. He was formerly KORLR, then, at time of death in Royal Defence Corps. Thank you again.

  5. E Foy

    Another question regarding how to find a grave, if that’s ok. My grandfather died in the first world war, and I have ‘googled’ and found a reference for his grave, which says B. RC. 466 (on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site). I would love to visit the grave, but could you possibly tell me where in the cemetery to look? His name was William Foy. Thank you for any help you could give me.

    • Roger Frankland

      I have a record of a William Fox not Foy ,DoD 16-1-18 age 52.- Outer Row S # 50 ( along the back wall of the cemetery on the futhest corner from the main entrance. It is a CWG stone which reads. 29369 Lance corporal W Fox. Royal Defence Corps 16-1-18 age 52.
      It may be the Y has been mistaken for an X. I will go an check tomorrow and get back to you. In return I would like to know his last address and the cause of his demise if you know it.
      Thank you . Roger.

      • Roger Frankland

        I have been this evening to find the headstone looking quite neglected for a Commonwealth War Grave. It is definitely an X as in Fox not a Y as in Foy. I tidied up the grass and dead leaves but the stone needs a good scrub. I have details of his parents, wife and last address in Lancaster.

      • Eileen Foy

        Can I also ask, are the cemetery tours suitable for wheelchairs? I cannot walk very far and need one for any distance. Or do the tours wander off the path (you say that people should wear sensible shoes).

  6. Susan McCormick

    A question, not a comment. I have done the Top Cemetery tour with you and it was great. I haven’t managed to find the grave of a relative and wonder how I go about this. Ada ROW died 13 Feb, 1959. Probably buried with her husband James. Any assistance would be greatly appeciated.
    Susan McCormick

  7. Mrs. A.S. Johnson

    More a question than a comment; how does one go about finding where a person might be buried in the Quernmore Road cemetery? Is there a site map, so to speak? I am looking for Robert Tunstall Sanderson, died 1987, cremated and his ashes interred in the cemetery soon thereafter.

    • Webmaster

      Roger Frankland has responded as follows:
      I have looked up Robert Tunstall SANDERSON on the Lancaster Family History Society CD and found the resting place for his ashes in the Sanderson family plot C.2.37 (C= the Section, 2= The row in from the path 37= the plot number starting at the end nearest the Cemetery Gates.) I note the inscription says he lived at Carus Lodge.
      To find the plot.
      Drive through the cemetery till you get to the three cemetery chapels in the middle. Park by the left hand Chapel.
      Go down the steps to the left of the chapel and turn right. You will see below you, one of the Cemeteries two half size angel memorials .They are at either end of the path that runs parallel to the path at the bottom of the steps you have just traversed. Make for the nearest angel. The plot you are looking for is in the next row in from the path. The angel (MAXTED) is plot #57 so your plot is 10 plots to the right of the Angel because Row 2 has only 47 plots.
      I have not been to find the plot my self so I hope these instructions work.
      If in doubt the Cemeteries Department at Morecambe Town Hall are very helpful.

  8. Sue Holland

    Thank you for your assistance. My Uncles name was Alfred Heys.

  9. Webmaster

    Roger Frankland replies:

    I can’t answer the question immediately and will have to make further inquiries. I don’t think the White Lund Munitions Factory casualties are buried at Quernmore Road. It is possible they are buries at Torrisholme and will make further inquiries of the Friends. I have never heard of such a memorial. It would be helpful to have had the gentleman’s name.

  10. Mrs Susan Holland

    I visited Lancaster Cemetery a couple of weeks ago with the aim of finding a memorial that I believe is there, commemerating the casualties at the White Lund munitions facory Oct 1917. My Great Uncle was killed in the accident and I believe he is on the memorial as unidentified. Sadly I couldn’t find it . Would it be possible for me to find more details anywhere. I live in the very North of Scotland and cannot visit regular.

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