Conservation Area Appraisals

Lancaster City Council recently published the final version of the Lancaster Conservation Area Appraisal.

The Lancaster Conservation Area results from the merger of several smaller conservation areas in and around the City Centre.   Because of the size and diverse nature of the area covered, a Character Area approach was adopted by The Architectural History Practice and Taylor and Young who undertook the appraisal on behalf of the City Council.  To view the  reports of the individual character areas please click on the links below.

Lancaster-CAA-Introduction 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-1-The-Quay 2013

Lancaster-CAA-character-Area-2-The-Castle 2103

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-3-City-Centre 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-4-Dalton-Square 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-5-Canal-Corridor-North 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-6-Canal-Corridor-South 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-7-Residential-North-East 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-8-Cathedral 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-9-Residential-South-West 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-10-Westbourne-Road 2013

Lancaster-CAA-Character-Area-11-High-Street 2013


The adjacent conservation areas of Aldcliffe Road, Bath Mill and Westfield Memorial Village are to be appraised in the future.

Cannon Hill was designated as a Conservation Area in.  Click on the link below to view the appraisal.

Cannon-Hill CAA Oct 2012

For more information on Conservation Areas in the Lancaster District see:

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