Lancaster, Morecambe and it’s surrounding area is one of the most beautiful in this country and is endowed with a fantastic array of natural features and geographical wonders with coast and countryside side by side, bursting with historical interest, and has fabulous entertainment facilities that many of our major cities would be delighted to boast of.

Membership of Lancaster Civic Society is open to everyone and it is a great way to not only be involved in what is going on in the area that is covered by the boundaries of the City of Lancaster – which include Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth, Halton, Hornby and Wray – but also to have a voice regarding the future of this area.

Why not contact us for more information or apply for membership.

An application form to join Lancaster Civic Society can be downloaded by clicking the link below: 

Membership Application Form 2020-21

If you would like further information about the Society or have any questions please contact either of the below:

Membership Secretary:

David Morgan:

Tel: 07877 346 450


Hon Secretary:

Tel: 07436 018 818




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