21 Brock St LA1 1UR

Application No. 10/00996/VCN

21 Brock Street (Urban Spice), Lancaster, LA1 1UR
Variation in conditions to allow opening until 01.00 Sunday to Thursday and until 02.00 Friday, Saturday and bank holiday weekends … and to allow hot food deliveries taken by telephone order.

The Society has some concerns about this application.

Extended Opening Hours

There are already two take-away outlets in the same terrace operating late into the night/early morning. To extend the opening hours of another hot-food establishment would seem to duplicate existing facilities and may add to night-time disturbance. If this restaurant operated during retail hours it would contribute to the vibrancy of the area during the daytime.

Delivery vehicles & parking

There are double yellow lines and a cycle path along this stretch of Brock Street which would seem to be incompatible with delivery vehicles.There are double yellow lines and a cycle path along this stretch of Brock Street which would seem to be incompatible with delivery vehicles.

4 responses to “21 Brock St LA1 1UR

  1. Eamonn Kinally

    Dear Lancaster Council,

    I live across the street from urban spice and find it odd that they are now able to stay open until late but not have food taken away. This is a nuisance for local customers who should be allowed to pick up orders in the restaurant

  2. Faizan

    Dear Lancaster council.

    I have been on both the places to have my food. there is a huge difference between both the restaurant, Urban spice gives people of Lancaster to taste real Indian authentic food. which you can not get at night time in night time, if you allow to serve customers for late night. and even hot and fast food are much way better then other 2 take away. And for the development of the Lancaster we need modern take away which out look is much way better then other take away which gives image to Brock street in night time, and unless we dont give oppertunity how can a person or organization can prove them self in market. About delivery there are spaces around Brock street where Urban spice can pay and park their delivery vehicles as other big take aways also have double yellow lines near the shop but they park in pay and park parking. and other take aways cant serve food like urban spice, my comment and suggestion is that Lancaster council should give one chance to this restaurant and hard working staff over there as they also have to maintain and recover the money they invested. it effects the Lancaster wealth tooo, and growth of our city.

    Lancaster resident & part of Lancaster Faizan

  3. Our concerns were, and remain, that there are already two, very similar outlets in the same terrace operating until the early hours and that delivery vehicles would not be compatible with the double yellow lines and cycle path outside Urban Spice. The application was heard at the January meeting of the Council’s Planning Committee when permission was refused but we note that an appeal has been lodged (15 July 2011).
    Winnie Clark
    Hon. Secretary, Lancaster Civic Society

  4. bilal

    there is totally difference between this 2 food store, one serves only fast food, other one do serve curries to us. i think planning should allow urban spice for take away and deliver till early morning.

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